[Obtaining a Macintosh Plus ROM]

You require the following :

  • A Macintosh with a High Density Drive and PC Exchange (System 7.5 or above) or
  • AccessPC.
  • A Macintosh Plus.
  • DiskDup+.
  • 1 800 KB Disk.
  • Stuffit Expander (on Macintosh with High Density Drive).
  • System 6.08 Disk 1 (800 KB Version).
  • CopyROM.hqx (Available in the download area)
  • This document.
Where to Find the Above Software Tools?

Getting CopyROM from a PC to a Mac

    You need to get a PC formatted disk and place the file "CopyROM.hqx" onto it. Take the disk to the Macintosh with PC Exchange and it should mount onto the desktop of the Mac as a PC Disk. Copy CopyROM.hqx to the local Mac's hard drive (by dragging CopyROM.hqx to the first icon in the top right hand corner). Do the same for System 6.08 Disk 1 and any other utilities you require.
Converting CopyROM.hqx to a Macintosh Application
    You should be able to drag CopyROM.hqx directly onto Stuffit Expander, which will convert it from BinHqx format to a Macintosh Application. If for some reason your Stuffit Expander fails, open it manually and then select "OpenÉ" from the File menu and select CopyROM.hqx. It should then convert.

    If you've gotten DiskDup/DiskCopy for the first time, convert these as well. Convert any other files you have acquired. If they have any .sea extensions, double-click on them to automatically expand them.

Creating a Macintosh Plus System Disk
    Open up DiskDup+, and select "Hard DiskÉ" and select your System 6.08 Disk 1 image, which will load into RAM. Then insert your expendable 800 KB floppy disk, and allow it to write/verify the image to the disk. The disk will then eject. Quit DiskDup+. You'll use this disk to boot up the Mac Plus with CopyROM.
Creating the CopyROM Disk
    Insert the System Tools disk (the one you just created) into the Mac. Delete everything on it except for what's in the System Folder. Copy CopyROM to System Tools, then eject the disk by dragging it to the trash.
Obtaining the ROM
    Start the Mac Plus up with the System Tools disk in the internal disk drive. It should boot into the Finder. Double-click on CopyROM, it should run for a while, then quit with the file "vMac.ROM" appearing on the disk that is 128 KB in size. Select Shutdown from the Special menu, then turn the Mac Plus off.
Copying the ROM to the PC
    Insert the System Tools disk back into the other Mac, and copy vMac.ROM to the hard drive. Then eject the disk, and insert your HD PC disk into the Mac, and then copy vMac.ROM to this disk. Take the PC disk to your PC, and copy vMac.ROM into the vMac directory, where it will be ready to use.
You have successfully managed to obtain a legal copy of the ROMs from your Mac Plus! See, it wasn't so hard was it?

Things to Note

    Please do not distribute your copy of the Mac Plus ROMs. These are currently still copyright by Apple Computer, and therefore making copies of this file is a infringement of the copyright laws. You should not use your Mac Plus and vMac simultaneously either. Please also refrain from flaming people who email/post asking for Mac Plus ROMs, or better still, direct them to the vMac web site/FAQ.
    Philip Cummins (PC) can be contacted via e-mail at xzjyxm@echidna.stu.cowan.edu.au. If you have any problems please e-mail and someone (probably myself) will attempt to help you out.

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