[Mirror Sites]
OK, The new mirroring system is online. But there aren't any mirrors. So its pretty useless until we get some :). Want to become a mirror site?

To become a vMac mirror, I need to be able to

  • Telnet to the machine
  • Add an item to the crontab.
  • At LEAST 15 Megs free to be used by vMac

Don't know if you have crontab access? Type crontab -l in the shell session, if you don't see a "permission denied" yer set. If you do, ask your admin about cron access, its usually available, but most users don't get it by default.

If you want to donate server space and bandwidth to the project, please e-mail the webmaster. Please include your server's geographic location, and bandwidth. We encourage non-USA ISPs to jump on this as a chance to get added to the 'Honorable Mentions' list at the cost of a few megs of server space.

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