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This is the best way to keep in touch with vMac developments, team members, and other vMac users. We welcome any questions related to vMac. Things that we do not want on the list include:
  • Apple, Steve Jobs, Microsoft, or Bill Gates Bashing. This includes adding little "digs" into your otherwise relevant posts. Its annoying to everyone.
  • Asking where you can download a ROM file, or if someone would send you a ROM file. This is just blatantly illegal. We don't care what you do on your own, we want nothing to do with piracy.
  • Trying to conduct illegal activities through the list (this also includes the above).
  • Not using common sense.
  • OS Holey Wars™
Other than that, ask and post away!


If you wan to keep on top of the latest vMac developments, monitor this discussion group and subscribe to the vMac mailing list be emailing Majordomo@leb.net with the body of text as "subscribe vmac-l". In addition, you can obtain digest versions of the vMac discussion by subscribing to vmac-l-digest. Digests are produced every 15 days (approximately 1/2 month).


For whatever reason, you may decide to unsubscribe from the lists. To do this e-mail Majordomo@leb.net with the body of the text as "unsubscribe vmac-l your@email.address".

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