vMac 0.1x Credits


The vMac team would like to dedicate vMac to Yoav Shadmi who is sadly no longer with us.


vMacs hardware emulation was primarily written and created by Philip 'PC' Cummins. vMac also uses portions of UAE's (The UAE Amiga Emulator) source code for CPU emulation purposes, created by Bernd Schmidt and many various volunteers.

Primary Port Authors

This list is for primary port authors only, please refer to the individual port documentation for additional contributors.

DOS Yoav Shadmi
Linux/Unix and NeXT Michael Hanni
MacOS Richard Bannister
OS/2 Warp David Bacher
Windows Weston Pawlowski

Primary Contributors

Documentation Ray Ruvinsky
Unix Development Bill Huey

Additional Contributors

We'd also like to thank many various other contributors who worked on various ports of vMac with the primary port authors.